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Housing Benefit & Council Tax Benefit Change of Circumstances


Use this form to inform the Housing Benefits section of your Change of Circumstances.

Please fill in all the neccessary fields. Mandatory fields are shown in a darker shade and a '*' next to each field. To move from one field to another, either use the tab key on the keyboard or click into a field. For help, position the cursor over the '?' symbol. When you've completed the form click submit and your form will be automatically directed into our Revenues & Benefits E-mail box.

Please note that this only acts as a first contact date, we will still need you to provide documentary evidence (if applicable) to support your changes. We must see original documents, we cannot accept photocopies. If you prefer to bring the documents to us yourself, please bring them to our office and we will take a copy. Or alternatively post them in to us addressed to Housing Benefits & Revenues, Change of Circumstances Section, Municipal Buildings, West Street, Boston, Lincs, PE21 0PW.