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Car Boot Sale Individual Application

Car Boot Sale Permits. A permit is required to hold a car boot sale within 6 and two third of a mile of Boston Town Centre.

The local Authority has agreed to consider granting permission for car boot sales under the following conditions.

• Any space letting fee goes wholly to charity or other recognised voluntary organisations;

• Sales can only be from cars and if stalls or tables are used they must have been carried in the boot of that car to the sale;

• Not more than four car boot sales shall be held at a particular site in any one year;

• Only private individuals shall be permitted to sell surplus household articles. No commercial traders will be allowed; and

• No car boot sales shall be held on a Wednesday or Saturday within 6 2/3rd miles of Boston Town Centre.


1. The object of this system is to preserve the rights of the Council under their Market Charter and to stop the growing practice of professional stallholders attending car boot sales and setting up what can be in effect a market.

2. Sales will be monitored to ensure that the conditions are being complied with. Contravention of the conditions may result in any future application being jeopardised.

3. Please note that condition 2 prohibits the use of vehicles other than cars (e.g. vans, trailers, transit vans, caravans and buses).

4. Applications are to be submitted at least 6 weeks in advance of the proposed date of sale to enable the application to be considered by the Committee if necessary.

5. If the car boot sales are held on Sundays then legislation with regard to Sunday Trading must be observed.