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Wheeled Bins - Application For Provision of Extra

Household Waste
The Borough Council is responsible for the collection of domestic waste from each dwelling within the district.
Since August 2003 the Borough Council has operated a bi-weekly collection of domestic waste from each property (the alternate weekly collection being recyclables).
Collection is in the main from green wheeled bins left at the curtilage of each property by the householder. Where space constraints exist, householders are provided with black plastic sacks in lieu of wheeled bins.
If six or more people are in residence, the property will be provided with additional bins. A supply of black sacks is distributed quarterly to all residents requiring sacks.
The Council will only empty the contents of each wheeled bin.
Contact the above number for further advice/application form.

Recycling - bags
In addition to the twin bin system, the Council provides green and clear recycling bags for recyclable materials and textiles.
A large supply of the above bags is available at the Council Depot at Fen Road for members of the public who:
1. Have no space for a blue wheeled bin
2. Are already on black sack collection
3. Who need additional bags for extra recycling

It is very important for members of the public to use these bags rather than black sacks for recyclables as the collection and sorting staff can identify the contents.

For a supply of recycling bags please complete the online form.