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Environmental Crime Incident Report

This form is to be used to report incidents of dog fouling, litter and flytipping. If you witness a person committing an offence - i.e. not clearing away after their dog has fouled or dropping litter it may be possible for the Boston Neighbourhood Wardens to take formal action against them. It is worthwile noting that litter is anything that is thrown down, dropped or otherwise deposited and can be as small as a ciggarrette end.

In order to ensure that wardens can take action it is inportant that you obtain as much information about the person and the incident as possible, this form will help you to do that.

Often the most important thing that the wardens will want to know is where the person lives. If you see someone committing an offence and then enter a property you should note the address. If they leave in a car a note should be taken of the regestration number, car type and colour as it is possible to obtain information from the DVLA which will enable us to trace the owner.

You are not expected to put yourself in danger or at risk and it may be possible to witness incidents without having any contact with the person committing the offence.